Put ear holes

You can also have ear pierced in our store. We only do this for children older than 5 years. Because we only have one device, it is not possible to pierce two children at the same time. So if you would like earrings or a 2nd or 3rd hole, feel free to drop by during the store's opening hours.

If you are under 16 years old you need permission from your parents!

What does it cost? From €14,- for 2 holes or €8,- for 1 hole. The price depends on which ear stud you choose.

We work with the Studex 75 system in which the earring is pushed through the earlobe in a hygienic, almost painless and silent way. That is why the Studex 75 system no longer speaks of shooting earrings, but setting earrings.

Why Studex?

It is barely noticeable (you feel a small prick), set exactly to the millimetre, very quiet on the ear (so no bang), safe, hygienic and fast, sterile cartridges, anti-allergic, nickel release, lead, potassium and cobalt free .